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Our AI has studied decades of historical harvest data, and continues to examine the production of the world’s largest food systems, as well as ongoing market and weather trends. By fusing business, field, and operational records, Trellis is able to provide predictions and recommendations that are more comprehensive, timely, and accurate than any other estimation and supply chain optimization tool on the market.

Trellis powers the world's most
efficient food & beverage supply chains.

Our Core

Proprietary AI Engine

Our robust data architecture and AI engine processes the real-time data of tens of thousands of harvests and production lines globally. We're constantly optimizing our end-to-end solution offering highly specialized supply chain optimization and intelligence.

Custom Built for Agri-Food

Analyzing large and complex agri-food supply chain data, identifying well hidden patterns in biological and atmospheric factors. Trellis developes in-house algorithms and modules specifically designed to offer food & beverage companies comprehensive and informed insights.

Data Source & Hardware Agnostic

Your company has collected valuable information for years. No matter how you collect and store data, our systems can integrate, structure, and leverage it. No additional software or hardware required.

Adaptive and Self Learning

Trellis's algorithms process over 5 million data points every day, generating real-time actionable insights, and getting smarter and more personalized with every new signal.

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Deploy the Future of Food Production

Trellis offers a web-based SaaS platform that operates completely in the cloud. With no IT or hardware required, you can start reaping the benefits in no time.

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